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•Serving high-potency structured water, Aquae A.M.O.R.E™ •Superfood supplements & goods

Photo by The Water Brewery on May 14, 2021. May be an image of rose and indoor.
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  • 5/14/2021 10:07:28 PM

Next week we will be donating water to local community group, @sharenewportlaguna , who is having a Pop-up Festival at The Bar Method Newport Beach on Thursday May 20 from 4:30-7pm. 10% of all vendor proceeds will go to their host, The Bar Method Newport Beach, in threat of closing due to COVID-19. SHARE is a group of women in OC who support local businesse

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery. May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'NATURE IS OUR FOREMOST TEACHER. THE TASK OF TECHNOLOGY IS NOT TO CORRECT NATURE, BUT TO IMITATE IT -VIKTOR SHAUBERGER Water X Brewery G'.
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  • 5/19/2021 8:11:52 PM

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  • 5/20/2021 8:02:21 PM

Photobiomodulation is light therapy to help regenerate tissues and is recognized in the medical field for it's healing abilities. It's amazing to know that 45% of the total energy received from the sun is in the near infrared range, which provides healing rays to penetrate up to 9 inches of body tissue and beneficially stimulate the mitochondria of every cel

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery with @cymbiotika. May be an image of text.
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  • 5/21/2021 9:22:35 PM

We now carry Cymbiotika! Reclaim your health and unlock your fullest potential. Their formulations can provide critical nutrients missing from today’s modern diet. Their advanced Micelle Delivery System helps provide superior absorption by protecting each nutrient, ensuring maximum bioavailability. They only source the highest quality organic, wild crafted

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery with @superfoodandcompany, and May be an image of drink.
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  • 5/22/2021 7:30:29 PM

With only a single layer of epithelial cells standing between what we’ve eaten and our inner tissues, the intestinal lining is constantly facing a unique conundrum: how does it absorb nutrients from food while maintaining a barrier against potentially infectious pathogens? What’s more, how does it maintain this balance in the face of constantly shifting envi

Photo shared by The Water Brewery on May 26, 2021 tagging @healthforcesuperfoods. May be an image of text.
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  • 5/26/2021 9:21:31 PM

Gut health in America is poor and seems to be getting worse. Roughly one in four U.S. adults regularly experiences diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, or other symptoms of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Did you know the implications of using the sun as a simple and inexpensive way to resolve gut problems?! Using the sun's UV light helps rebalance gut flor

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery.
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  • 5/28/2021 5:31:44 PM

Even during this difficult time of COVID-19 and climate change, we can all motivate each other to embrace creativity to tackle the world’s biggest issues in a mindset or skill set. Through trial and error, brainstorming, taking risks, and challenging the norm, we can build confidence by deferring judgement through collaborative novelty. Our problems can be o

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery with @keled_rocks.
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  • 6/1/2021 8:15:35 PM

Did you know we carry Shungite? Our supplier, Keled Rocks, provides high grade elite shungite with over 90% of organic carbon, while regular shungite contains only 30-50%. Keled Rock's shungite stones are selected manually, mechanically pre-cleaned without the use of chemicals, so that it is safe to use in water. Shungite-filtered water is safe to drink wi

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery. May be an image of text that says 'LIFE IS WATER, DANCING TO THE TUNE OF MOLECULES. -DR. ALBERT SZENT-GYORGI Water M ewery 1'.
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  • 6/2/2021 7:30:27 PM

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Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery with @kungfutonic.
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  • 6/6/2021 7:40:26 PM

Local and loved with a mission to provide health and joy to the world, one gentle, loving Kung Fu kick at a time! This tonic is organic, raw, and cold-pressed, concentrating a savory hit of flavorful, immune-supporting nutrition into every drop. Kung Fu Tonic is never heated or treated. Cold-press extraction allows the natural, powerful ingredients to retai

Photo by The Water Brewery on June 08, 2021. May be an image of bottle.
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  • 6/8/2021 9:44:35 PM

In honor of National Best Friends Day, The Water Brewery would like to highlight one of our favorite duos: Kenny and Evan! These two are such amazing beams of light in our community. Their laughter, joy, and energy is contagious and we are so grateful to be able to consider them family. Do you have a best friend you think of as family? Tag them below and sen

Photo by The Water Brewery in Water Brewery with @bluebottlelove.
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  • 6/10/2021 5:48:00 PM

Blue Bottle Love is BACK at The Water Brewery! We are thrilled to have these gorgeous blue glass bottles in the store once again. Blue Bottle Love’s mission is to spread the healing vibrations of Love, Peace, Harmony and Gratitude, and to weave a crystalline grid of Unity consciousness anchored in the wisdom, beauty and power of water. This awesome company

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