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the ‘Fude Dude’ • Architect • Urban Sketcher • Ink • Graphite • Watercolour • For commission of a ‘House Portrait’ send DM• Toronto, Canada •

Photo by Marek Badzynski in ArtChat with @illuchrisa. May be an image of text that says 'Hans Hans-Christian & Marek Art Chat Watersoluble Markers'.
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  • 6/11/2021 5:35:53 PM

Art Chat Alert: Please join Hans-Christian Sanladerer @illuchrisa and I in conversation about use of Water Based and Water Soluble Markers for sketching; Monday June 14 at 4pm in Toronto, and 22:00 in Central Europe. For time countdown at your own location see IG Story #waterbasedmarker #waterbasedmarkers #watersolublemarkers #artchat #marekbadzynski

Photo by Marek Badzynski in Lost in My Own World. May be an illustration.
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  • 6/12/2021 2:36:15 AM

Still image after yesterday’s Live, the one where the initial concept of a side/elevation sketch turned into an aerial/plan view of some urbanized, imaginary place. It shows that a change of plan is always possible, even when ink is your medium; Platinum Carbon ink in a Stifflex Art work book from @stifflex_notebooks , heavy stock paper with no feathering#do

Photo by Marek Badzynski on June 13, 2021. May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and castle.
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  • 6/13/2021 9:31:41 PM

Still images for a recent Live from Toronto’s Casa Loma painted on a bright, sunny afternoon! First time use of a Hot Pressed watercolour paper from @smltart; it is very smooth to my Fude pen! #toronto #casaloma #casalomatoronto #casalomacastle #urbansketchers #usktoronto #smltart #fudenib #newartpaper #newpaper #marekbadzynski

Photo by Marek Badzynski in Matera - Citta dei Sassi with @markpoulierart. May be an image of ‎monument, outdoors and ‎text that says '‎Mark & Marek Live sketch Matera Thursday June 17 9pm Melbourne 12pm Europe 6am Toronto தلய‎'‎‎.
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  • 6/15/2021 1:29:19 AM

Please join Mark @markpoulierart and Marek @marekbad64 in a Live session: Sketching Matera This Thursday June 17 at 9pm in Melbourne, 12 noon in Matera and most of Europe, and 6am in Toronto. See story for a countdown reminder, and my Bio for link to a clean photo. See you in Matera.. ☀️ #iglive #sketchwithanotherartist #matera #materasassi #sassidimatera #

Photo by Marek Badzynski on June 16, 2021.
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  • 6/16/2021 12:31:51 PM

Still images after a Live I recently held Plein Air but had to pack quickly, the spot I was using was reopening for a merchant.. he was cool and have me few minutes to pack up! Thinking of giving this a wash of colour since it’s done in an @smltart #authenticbook , a new paper surface for me; it says it takes watercolour, and certainly works well with a Fude

Photo by Marek Badzynski on June 18, 2021. May be art.
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  • 6/18/2021 10:28:47 PM

Still images of my sketch done during a Live with Mark @markpoulierart where we used a photo of Matera, Italy, as an excuse to plan our next artistic trip! If you missed it, the entire Live is loaded on my IGTV channel. Fude pen with Platinum Carbon and two watercolour pigments on @smltart A4 CP watercolour paper #matera #materasassi #sassidimatera #italia

Photo by Marek Badzynski on April 23, 2021. May be art of outdoors.
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  • 4/23/2021 9:36:04 AM

Final result of Live with @massimiliano_iocco where we painted Rome’s #sangiovannidellamalva inspired by his photograph. Thanks Massimiliano for joining me in this session, it was exciting to virtually visit your city, and chat with you! Resultato finale del Live con Massimiliano dove abbiamo dipinto la Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, nel Trastevere. Gr

Photo by Marek Badzynski on May 19, 2021. May be an illustration of outdoors.
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  • 5/19/2021 10:21:31 AM

Quick street sketch with a modified Pilot Parallet pen in a Stiff Flex Work book @stifflex_notebooks @pilotpenusa @pilotpenitalia #pilotpen #pilotparallel #parallepenhack #stifflexiblenotes #stifflexiblenotebook #stifflex #urbansketchers #usktoronto #inksketch #uskto #marekbadzynski

Photo by Marek Badzynski on May 26, 2021.
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  • 5/26/2021 1:25:46 PM

Plein air sketching on Queen St East; graphite and few watercolours on Bockingford cold pressed #toronto #excavator #onthestreet #queensteast #pleinairsketching #pleinairsketch #duke551 #lyrafeelcreative #platinumcarbonink #watercolorgraphite #bockingfordpaper #stcuthbertsmill #usktoronto #urbansketchers #uskto #marekbadzynski

Photo by Marek Badzynski on December 05, 2020.
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  • 12/5/2020 8:46:06 PM

New Fude pen day: Hero 285 bent nib, turns out to be quite a line monster - despite its small size! Pleasantly surprised by the results: smooth, wet, and comes at an affordable price.. nothing to complain about! #hero285 #fountainpenreview #fountainpenfudenib #fudenib #fudenibfountainpen #fountainpendrawing #fudesketch #fudedude #marekbadzynski

Photo by Marek Badzynski on May 11, 2021. May be an illustration of outdoors and tree.
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  • 5/11/2021 4:51:29 PM

Result of Live with David @dava22 where we talked beer, wine and other IMPORTANT life necessities while sketching a Sunset Tree, somewhere in the Far East.. Cheers David! Used A3 Hahnemühle Harmony HP and a mix of watercolour paints, including a brilliant Transparent Orange from @rockwell_canada #rockwellcanada #rockwellwatercolour #hahnemühle #hahnemühlehar

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