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Through sport, we have the power to change lives. #ImpossibleIsNothing

Photo by adidas on May 12, 2021. May be an image of flower, outdoors and text.
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  • 5/12/2021 2:01:23 PM

A year ago we saw the possibility to turn a competitor into a collaborator to accelerate our collective journey to carbon neutral. Today at 4PM CET we're unveiling FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT. Made to fit the planet with @allbirds. It's the first time in history we hope others beat our personal best sooner. #ImpossibleIsNothing #Futurecraft #TreadLighter Join th

Photo by adidas on May 12, 2021. May be an image of footwear.
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  • 5/12/2021 2:46:48 PM

FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is the lowest carbon emissions performance running shoe we've ever created. Every step measured to draw down every last gram of weight and carbon to 2.94 kg CO2e per pair. Together with @allbirds, we're proving that the hardest part of tackling climate change is facing the challenge head on and making a start. We'll keep on, until ever

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